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what is yoga?

Yoga originated in ancient India and is a group of practises for the body, mind and spirit. In today’s modern world, yoga mostly refers to the practise of asanas which are physical postures and movements. These flowing movements are put into a sequence for a class and incorporate awareness and use of your breath and mindfulness. There are many different types of yoga and all come from the postures of Hatha yoga. Here in our beautiful purpose-built studio we call OASIS, we offer gentle flow classes and coming soon, Yoga for athletes.

our difference

We believe that you have a greater opportunity for the best health outcomes if the communication between your teachers/instructors and your treating therapist is made easy and all under one roof. So we created it! The space has been thoughtfully designed with ease of access a priority, natural light and space so you don’t feel jammed in next to the people next to you.

is yoga for you?

Yoga here in our OASIS studio is a great place to start and try yoga for the first time. Our teachers can modify any pose to suit you and your needs. You will also find the classes suitable if you are an experienced yoga student. Coming soon we have a new class specifically designed for athletes too. You can see our class types here and our OASIS timetable here.