who we treat

Every body is different. That's why every appointment with us is too.

So if you are wondering who we commonly treat, take a read below.



Pre & Post Natal

We're all about giving expectant and new mums the support they need.

Choose from our therapists to support you through this time plus attend one of our specific Pre and Postnatal Pilates classes.


It’s one of the most exciting - not to mention exhausting, emotional and all-consuming - times of your life. But there’s no denying the amount of strain that being pregnant, giving birth and being a new mum puts on your body.

As your baby grows inside you, your centre of gravity shifts forward, which can place strain on your spine and pelvis. That’s not to mention the hormonal changes you’re experiencing as your body prepares for delivery, resulting in the the stretching of muscles and supporting ligaments.

Then, after giving birth, you may find yourself suffering from back or neck pain from all the new activities such as breast feeding and carrying and picking up your new bub. In and out of the car with those big heavy awkward capsules and prams can be a challenge too!

Many of our team are really passionate about this field, having undertaken postgraduate study for treating pre and post-natal women, along with building up years of experience in assisting women during this incredible time. We also make things as easy as possible for you to be supported by your health ‘team’, through our close relationships with local obstetricians, GPs and lactation consultants.

Chronic Pain 

We’re here to help you uncover the cause of your pain by looking at your body as a whole, rather than treating just the painful or injured area.

each of our therapists are skilled at helping you find and manage the underlying causes of your ongoing or persistent pain.


We’ll really get to know you and understand important things like the level of stress you might be under, how your work impacts your body, and your hobbies and sporting activities - because each of these can contribute to the way your body is feeling. Then, we’ll come up with a plan to tackle the pain, which works with your daily routines, rather than stopping you from doing the things you love.

We can also help you if you have injuries from a motor vehicle accident or from a workplace injury, working with your TAC and Workcover claims. We also are registered to treat our ex-service men and women who have a Veteran Affairs card.


Life gets busy, and before we know, it’s easy to find ourselves out of shape or living a sedentary lifestyle. We also know that as we age, the body isn’t what it used to be and niggling injuries can slow us down.  

Choose from Osteo, Physio, massage or exercise physiology to help you manage and prevent your injuries.


We love working with many of our adult patients whose priorities are to get active and stay active, pain-free and mobile.

Some may have injured themselves during their running, rowing, swimming, cycling or other sporting activities, some might be managing their osteoarthritis or long term pain, while others may be working with us to return to full mobility after surgery.


We work with the youngest of babies right up to growing teenagers, because we believe that there no need for your child to suffer.

book with one of our caring osteopaths for your bubs and kids, and choose between our osteos and physio for your kids' sporting injuries.



The birth process is extraordinary! However, there are times when it doesn’t go to plan and may result in strain and stress on your newborn. Perhaps your baby is having difficulty feeding, suffering from reflux and vomiting, irritability or poor sleep. This is not only distressing for your bub, but for you too. We treat the musculo-skeletal aspects of these issues, such as muscle tension and joint restriction, which may help to bring calm and relief.

Head and neck irregularities can also result in babies having a preference for feeding on one side, which in turn can create breastfeeding challenges. Our gentle hands may help resolve the tensions and strains in your baby’s neck and torso that can be associated with this. If you have noticed a flat spot on your baby’s head, or a movement preference in one direction, then an assessment may be helpful in order to gain a clear diagnosis. You might also like to know that we do not use spinal manipulation on babies or children.


Toddlers & children

Toddlers and children are a joy to treat. Parents often comment that when their kids come to Eureka Osteo “it’s the only time they stay still”. Toddlers and children commonly see us for problems such as postural problems, pain after a fall or fracture, scoliosis or concerns about the spine and other musculoskeletal issues. We cater for each toddler, assessing and treating can be done conventionally or through play, sometimes on the floor! If you see your little one not using or refusing to use their arm or hand, or a leg, we can look into the underlying causes. Plus, if we think they need some tests or scans done we can refer you directly and communicate with your GP.



In case you can’t tell by reading our bios, we love working with teens to help their bodies stay as healthy as possible, particularly for their sporting activities - be it rowing, footy, swimming, athletics, dancing, hockey and more. Whether it be an acute sports injury or a niggle that has developed over time, we all love hearing about your kid’s favourite sport and getting them back to it as soon as possible.

We also work with our teenage patients experiencing pain caused by too much time in front of a computer or gaming consoles and their heads buried in their smartphone, right through to bone growth problems and scoliosis. If you have any concerns about your teen (a dropped shoulder, a curve in their back, persistent headaches, or persistent complaining about pain) we’re here to assess what’s going on with them. We can often “catch” a problem in its infancy, allowing us to plan with you and your child how to prevent it getting worse in the future.