Meet your health team

Whoever you choose to work with, rest assured knowing we all share the same purpose: to bring you back to health.

Plus, we all regularly invest in professional development to enable us to provide you with the best care possible.



Dr Anthony Rogan

Osteopath & Director of Eureka Osteo

"You might be surprised to know that I’m a trained nurse. However, I quickly became frustrated with what felt like “disease care” rather than “health care". But it wasn’t until I was treated for injuries from a variety of professionals and finally tried osteopathy - that I had my “Eureka” moment. The approach of osteo made complete sense to me!"

I love the diversity of people I have the privilege of meeting and treating. The challenge of determining how to best help each of our patients return to better health brings great variety and is very rewarding. My areas of special interest include neck pain, headaches and migraines, vertigo/dizziness, treating children, pregnancy related back pain, hip pain and people suffering chronic pain. Osteo has such a great variety of techniques and I have completed a lot of post-graduate training, particularly in Biodynamic Osteopathy.

Through my own kids’ love for swimming, Eureka Osteo has been closely involved with the Ballarat Gold Swimming Club for several years now and I really enjoy getting to be part of the young local swimmers’ path to success.

I like to keep a good work/life balance, something I encourage our patients to do too! I love hitting the local trails on the mountain bike, cooking up a feast, music and of course, spending time with my family.


Dr Megan May 

Osteopath & Director of Eureka Osteo

"A rowing injury as a teenager had me visit a variety of health professionals in search of answers. It was an Osteopath who was the first person to assess my whole body rather than just the site of my pain, and this was what set me on the path of studying Osteo."

I love the variety that my days bring. Having studied in a few different areas (including breastfeeding, pregnancy, paediatrics, sports injuries), means that i might treat a newborn, an athlete, and an elderly patient all in the one day! This also means using a wide variety of techniques to suit each patient.

Having worked as a footy trainer and rowing coach in my Uni days, I love treating athletes and helping them compete at the highest level. I have a particular soft spot for our local rowers! Finding out more about people’s jobs, hobbies and lives in general helps me to adapt my treatment and advice to each individual patient, something that gives me great satisfaction.

Outside of the clinic, I love a new challenge. This has seen me do plenty of travelling, hike the Kokoda Track (and return to PNG to volunteer with a medical team), run a few half marathons and a full marathon. My down time generally involves a good book and relaxing at Wye River.


Dr Matthew Mihaljevic


“At the age of 17 I was faced with the common teenage dilemma of confronting life after school. The teenage growth spurt never eventuated and I came to the “harsh reality" that I was not going to make the grade as a professional in basketball or AFL football.”

During my ill fated junior-sports career I came into contact with many manual therapists. My local Osteopath was able to help facilitate my return to sport on numerous occasions. I was particularly drawn to the ability of the profession to nurture my developing interest in human anatomy and biomechanics, whilst still be involved in sports and athlete preparation.

What I enjoy most about my day is helping people of varying abilities recover, prepare or improve their physical capacity. Whether that is through education, manual therapy techniques or exercise prescription. I am well versed in managing sporting injuries, joint pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain and post-surgical rehab.

Outside of the clinic, you can find me doing some extra work in a Melbourne-based gym or furthering my knowledge with a Masters of Strength & Conditioning, and a Bachelor of Paramedicine. In my downtime I like to get away locally or abroad with the snowboard or have a few beers supporting my beloved Geelong and Manchester City.


Dr Melissa Wisbey


"I really feel that Osteopathy found me. It’s a long story involving boxes of bananas, a shoulder injury, a health practitioner and my father. This led me to a conversation with an osteopathic student in 1996 and the path I continue to follow today."

Like meeting an old friend, I felt instantly and warmly embraced by the holistic nature of Osteopathy. With a philosophy honouring the triad of body, mind and spirit as a single unit of function, and emphasis on our inherent systems of self-regulation and healing, I felt inspired to study and learn, to dig and dream, so I could be of service through Osteopathy.

My osteopathic journey has been enriched over the last 13 years of post-graduate studies in Biodynamic Osteopathy. This is an extremely gentle approach, which treats your body as a whole, aiming to restore its natural state of alignment, ease and health. I love the Osteo way of working as it honours each individual’s unfolding at the perfect tempo; the order and priority of treatment being guided by the healing forces already present in the patient’s own body, which are always moving towards normal form and function. My standard appointment times are 45 minutes to allow time to achieve this.

My love of animals also led me to complete postgraduate study in Small Animal Osteopathy. This means I can support your pets to live healthily and happily too.I am currently making home visits to the small animals of Ballarat and surrounds. You can visit my website for more information.


Dr Ginger Wollermann


“I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time when choosing osteopathy as a career. The human body was always a strong interest of mine and I found it incredibly fascinating.”

Allied health was the field I wanted to be in, however coming from a small country town I had not heard of osteopathy. It was a careers advisor who recognised my interests and suggested osteopathy as a profession - I have not looked back since! Seeing people’s spirits lift is why I love my job. Patients stand prouder, smile bigger and walk stronger! It’s incredibly rewarding, and the gratitude patients show is phenomenal.

The job never plateaus, each day I am faced with something different, someone new and something challenging. Whether it is a netballer returning from an ankle injury, a tradesman having sleepless nights due to low back pain and everything in between, I endeavour to help. With an interest in paediatrics and gynaecology, I have attended several courses to deepen my skills and knowledge in these areas.

I love a weekend getaway; we are lucky to have such amazing destinations at our doorstep - Halls Gap, Wilsons Promontory, Lorne, Bondi Beach and Byron Bay just to name a few. Remaining fit, healthy and active is important to me. I particularly enjoy playing netball, walking Lake Wendouree with a friend or my puppy and the high intensity of a work out at the gym.


Jacqui McDougall

Physio & Pilates Instructor

"Growing up on my family farm I was always very active and loved playing as much sport as much as absolutely possible. I had always dreamt of becoming a Physiotherapist due to my fascination with the anatomy of the human body and my want to help people in whatever way I could."

This is why I feel so lucky to be able to help people overcome their injuries, get back to their best and promote overall wellbeing through the use of Physiotherapy and Pilates.

Since graduating from Latrobe University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Physiotherapy Practise I have worked across a range of different areas including treating acute orthopaedic and post surgical patients in hospital, providing rehabilitation services as well as seeing a wide range of musculoskeletal and sporting injuries in private practice.

I am very passionate about using Clinical Pilates to help my patients to move better, become stronger and achieve their goals. I think Pilates is such a powerful tool and love that it can be tailored to suit any injury, fitness level and person across all life stages.

I enjoy working with a wide range of patients in particular those who are rehabilitating from a sporting injury or post surgery and women along their pregnancy journey. In my spare time you can find me running with my dog Hugo, playing netball for my beloved home club of Tatyoon or in the Pilates studio practicing what I preach.


Bron Calistro

practice manager & Yoga teacher

"My ambition is to encourage as many people to get on a mat, to feel the uplifting benefits of yoga and to allow themselves the space to just be and enjoy the feeling of being connected."

I went to my first yoga class in 2009 to complement my love of fitness and to help improve my sore lower back. After a few classes I soon discovered the class provided me with much more than pain management, while enabling me to do more with my body. I also began to love the idea of making the time and space to just “be” in my body without the need to compete.

In 2014 I completed the Purna Yoga Teaching Training Level 1 at Byron Yoga Centre with John Ogilvie. While maintaining strong self-practise, I have continued learning from some inspiring teachers locally, in Melbourne and Sydney, along with completing my Pre-natal Yoga Teacher Training with Ambika Chadwick.

I love all forms of fitness and trying as many of these as possible. I couldn’t live without music and strongly believe in the healing powers of belting out a good tune as loud as possible in my car. I find there is nothing better than a good belly laugh, perhaps a good hug!

Being a mum, you will find me most Saturdays cheering on my oldest boy, Jude, at the soccer pitch on a cold wintery day while chasing after my youngest, Harvey.

I love our wonderful network in the Ballarat community and am very proud to call it home. Although I always love the opportunity to travel, whether it is overseas or a simple road trip away. My true passions in life are self-development, connection to one other, being kind to all living things and enjoying our bodies through yoga and movement.


Melissa Jones

Pilates Instructor

"My first pilates session was at 11 years of age, at The Australian Ballet School to help with knee pain and alignment."

Pilates quickly became a part of my warm up routine, preparing my body for dance and crucial in rehabilitation from injuries, which have included stress fractures, bulged discs, SIJ and rotator cuff injuries. I am fascinated with anatomy, unraveling movement patterns within the body. I am known for my attention to detail and calm approach to pilates. I have spent years in the studio researching differing somatic practices, incorporating this knowledge into my sessions.

I gained a Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction (PITC) and a Bachelor of Dance, Honours (Victorian College of the Arts). I've enjoyed an extensive career as a professional dancer and teacher. recently performing in Melbourne's Dance Massive Festival (dancing on a skateboard), straight off the back of Opera Australia's ‘The Ring Cycle’.

My clients include professional dancers, circus artists, athletes, Australian Ballet School and VCA students, fellow pilates instructors and people from all walks of life. In 2016-2017 I was also a faculty member at National Pilates Training as a Student Clinic Supervisor and Assessor, mentoring future Pilates instructors.

An active member of Pilates Alliance Australasia, I regularly attend international movement research workshops. Recently to NYC with Julliard conditioning coach Irene Dowd.


Ellen O’Connell

Pilates Instructor

"I love the way Pilates enables clients to take control of their body bringing it back into balance. It’s the perfect way to improve our posture and strengthen the body and mind."

I worked as a Remedial Massage Therapist where I found no matter how often people would have a massage, if they continued with there lifestyle then no amount of massage would fully bring their body back to balance.

I had dabbled in Pilates myself and loved the benefits of body awareness and strength it gave me. So after referring many clients to Pilates as a way of helping to correct and balance their bodies and seeing the difference it made, I decided to return to study and completed my Diploma in Pilates Instruction through National Pilates Instruction in Melbourne in 2014.

I have been teaching Pilates since and love watching the change in clients, from when they walk in the door to when the leave after a session feeling taller and stronger. The Pilates Method helps us maintain a healthy body, working all our joints through a full range of motion.

Outside of work and practising Pilates, I like to keep fit with running a few times a week. I love spending time with family and friends. Supporting our four kids with their sport, both football and netball and relaxing down the coast.


Chris Hiscock


"Massage therapy has provided me with the opportunity to combine my personal interests, knowledge and strengths into the ideal vocation . . . and it only took me until my mid-forties to figure that out!

My passions in life are long-distance running, permaculture, nutrition, meditation, life-long learning, and a system of beliefs anchored in the traditions of Taoism and Buddhism. All of these are of significant benefit to my practice and I draw on them whenever I can to provide a human systems approach to the care of my patients. This involves looking at the patient as a whole, identifying and addressing risk factors and protective factors, as well as educating and empowering the patient. This approach lends itself to truly transformative care.

Our bodies are designed to seek balance and wellness. We are biologically programmed to move toward what is known as homeostasis - a stable equilibrium of our various systems. This equilibrium is constantly disturbed by a wide range of factors including diet, lifestyle, posture, exercise, footwear, modes of transport, furniture, contagious diseases ... the list goes on. Massage therapy facilitates the circulation of blood and lymph which are at the forefront of your body's attempts to achieve homeostasis. It also increases the rate of waste elimination in the body and warms up soft tissues thus mobilising joints and increasing range of movement.

Away from work the majority of my time is occupied by my beautiful son Thomas and the endless joy, love and laughter that he provides. I do a bit of amateur acting with Ballarat National Theatre and some fairly amateur running with Ballarat’s famous Tann Clan. I’m a passionate supporter of Carlton (AFL), Liverpool (EPL) and Canberra (NRL).

Gemma - Eureka Osteo.jpg

Gemma Treweek

pilates instructor

“I have been fanatical about health and well-being my whole life, and with physical activity being my passion it was a natural progression that I fell into the role of becoming a Pilates instructor.”

I completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences at Deakin University in 2014 and Certificate IV in Clinical Pilates at Breathe Education in 2018. Coming from a background of medical administration in orthopaedic rehabilitation and oncology, I am a strong advocate for living an active lifestyle for longevity.

Growing up in Ballarat, my first taste of Pilates was through our school rowing program.  I remember how we all loved this different form of exercise and how difficult these “simple” movements could be, and I quickly became obsessed with this new challenge. It wasn’t until I moved to Melbourne many years later that I found my love for Pilates again with group reformer classes.

I love the holistic benefits of Pilates, from the strengthening and conditioning of the body, improved flexibility and balance, to the mental health benefits. Pilates has allowed me to feel strong and powerful, and helped me feel good about myself. I want to share this feeling with my clients.

I enjoy the creativity in creating new sequences for my clients and making every class a different experience. I aim to offer fun, strong and dynamic challenges, empowering my clients to be the best version of themselves, and leave feeling energised and eager to come back.

When I’m not bouncing around on a reformer you’ll find me out running, in a yoga class, planning my next overseas adventure, trying new brunch spots or relaxing on my parents farm with a good book and my cat Donny. 


Misty Glasson

Yoga Teacher

"I’ve been a dedicated yogi for over five years and completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with The Yoga Social!"

I enjoy sequencing my classes so that they are both fun and challenging but also giving my students plenty of options to go as far or deep into a pose as they feel their practice needs.

I love taking students through breathing exercises to calm the mind and also experimenting with ways to deepen asanas or assist in making them more accessible to all. This makes my classes perfect for beginner through to advanced students! I hope to see you on the mat.


Erin2 - Eureka Osteo.jpg

Erin Glass


“I enjoy being active and maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle. I wanted to take a career path where I could combine my love of exercise with my desire to help all people, no matter their age or ability to achieve their goals”

When I started University, I was completely unaware of what Exercise Physiology even was and had my eyes set on becoming a dietitian. As I continued to make my way through Uni I loved learning about the body. There are so many different conditions and injuries, and ways that exercise can help someone recover from injury, manage or relieve their pain, assist with completing tasks independently and achieve their goals. It’s a challenging yet extremely rewarding job and I love to watch people’s journey and see how much stronger, healthier and happier they are.

I love the variety that the job brings, as each day I see a range of different clients, with different conditions, different injuries and different needs and goals. I have worked with a big variety of people and populations including elite junior footballers and netballers, older adults recovering from surgery or with balance issues, kids with injuries, working mums and dads and people who just want to get moving and feel better. I love being able to find new ways to do things, one exercise that is perfect for one person may not be for someone else so getting creative and adapting to each client is a great learning experience.

I’m not one to sit still for too long and love to getaway, whether that’s heading home to see family in Yackandandah or travelling the countryside to catch up with friends. I particularly enjoy being outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and doing something active like going for a run, playing golf and netball, or talking the dogs for a walk.