Dr Melissa Wisbey



"I really feel that Osteopathy found me. It’s a long story involving boxes of bananas, a shoulder injury, a health practitioner and my father. This led me to a conversation with an osteopathic student in 1996 and the path I continue to follow today."

Like meeting an old friend, I felt instantly and warmly embraced by the holistic nature of Osteopathy. With a philosophy honouring the triad of body, mind and spirit as a single unit of function, and emphasis on our inherent systems of self-regulation and healing, I felt inspired to study and learn, to dig and dream, so I could be of service through Osteopathy.

My osteopathic journey has been enriched over the last 13 years of post-graduate studies in Biodynamic Osteopathy. This is an extremely gentle approach, which treats your body as a whole, aiming to restore its natural state of alignment, ease and health. I love the Biodynamic way of working as it honours each individual’s unfolding at the perfect tempo; the order and priority of treatment being guided by the healing forces already present in the patient’s own body, which are always moving towards normal form and function. My standard appointment times are 45 minutes to allow time to achieve this.

My love of animals also led me to complete postgraduate study in Small Animal Osteopathy. This means I can support your pets to live healthily and happily too.I am currently making home visits to the small animals of Ballarat and surrounds. You can visit my website 4pawsosteopathy.com.au for more information.

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