Jacqui McDougall


Copy of Jacqui McDougall

"Growing up on my family farm I was always very active and loved playing as much sport as much as absolutely possible. I had always dreamt of becoming a Physiotherapist due to my fascination with the anatomy of the human body and my want to help people in whatever way I could."

This is why I feel so lucky to be able to help people overcome their injuries, get back to their best and promote overall wellbeing through the use of Physiotherapy and Pilates.

Since graduating from Latrobe University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Physiotherapy Practise I have worked across a range of different areas including treating acute orthopaedic and post surgical patients in hospital, providing rehabilitation services as well as seeing a wide range of musculoskeletal and sporting injuries in private practice. I am level 1 certified in the MAT assessment tool which is an excellent way of collecting objective data and using current evidence to maximise your results.

I am very passionate about using Clinical Exercise to help my patients to move better, become stronger and achieve their goals. I think Pilates and Clinical Exercise are such powerful tools and love that they can be tailored to suit any injury, fitness level and person across all life stages.

I enjoy working with a wide range of patients in particular those who are rehabilitating from a sporting injury or post surgery and women along their pregnancy journey. In my spare time you can find me running with my dog Hugo, playing netball for my beloved home club of Tatyoon or in the Pilates studio practicing what I preach.

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