Erin Glass

EXercise physiologist

Copy of Erin Glass

“I enjoy being active and maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle. I wanted to take a career path where I could combine my love of exercise with my desire to help all people, no matter their age or ability to achieve their goals”

When I started University, I was completely unaware of what Exercise Physiology even was and had my eyes set on becoming a dietitian. As I continued to make my way through Uni I loved learning about the body. There are so many different conditions and injuries, and ways that exercise can help someone recover from injury, manage or relieve their pain, assist with completing tasks independently and achieve their goals. It’s a challenging yet extremely rewarding job and I love to watch people’s journey and see how much stronger, healthier and happier they are.

Since joining the team I completed level 1 certification in the MAT assessment tool. This enables me to measure your ability to move, determine areas that need to worked at, retest and check progress, helping you achieve your desired outcomes.

I love the variety that the job brings, as each day I see a range of different clients, with different conditions, different injuries and different needs and goals. I have worked with a big variety of people and populations including elite junior footballers and netballers, older adults recovering from surgery or with balance issues, kids with injuries, working mums and dads and people who just want to get moving and feel better. I love being able to find new ways to do things, one exercise that is perfect for one person may not be for someone else so getting creative and adapting to each client is a great learning experience.

I’m not one to sit still for too long and love to getaway, whether that’s heading home to see family in Yackandandah or travelling the countryside to catch up with friends. I particularly enjoy being outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and doing something active like going for a run, playing golf and netball, or talking the dogs for a walk..

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