Chris Hiscock

remedial massage therapist

Copy of Chris Hiscock

"Massage therapy has provided me with the opportunity to combine my personal interests, knowledge and strengths into the ideal vocation . . . and it only took me until my mid-forties to figure that out!

My passions in life are long-distance running, permaculture, nutrition, meditation, life-long learning, and a system of beliefs anchored in the traditions of Taoism and Buddhism. All of these are of significant benefit to my practice and I draw on them whenever I can to provide a human systems approach to the care of my patients. This involves looking at the patient as a whole, identifying and addressing risk factors and protective factors, as well as educating and empowering the patient. This approach lends itself to truly transformative care.

Our bodies are designed to seek balance and wellness. We are biologically programmed to move toward what is known as homeostasis - a stable equilibrium of our various systems. This equilibrium is constantly disturbed by a wide range of factors including diet, lifestyle, posture, exercise, footwear, modes of transport, furniture, contagious diseases ... the list goes on. Massage therapy facilitates the circulation of blood and lymph which are at the forefront of your body's attempts to achieve homeostasis. It also increases the rate of waste elimination in the body and warms up soft tissues thus mobilising joints and increasing range of movement.

Away from work the majority of my time is occupied by my beautiful son Thomas and the endless joy, love and laughter that he provides. I do a bit of amateur acting with Ballarat National Theatre and some fairly amateur running with Ballarat’s famous Tann Clan. I’m a passionate supporter of Carlton (AFL), Liverpool (EPL) and Canberra (NRL)..

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