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Load Management in Adolescent Rowers

Coaches: Have you ever planned a great session, only to realise that your crew is having a flat day, and completely adapt what you had planned? This is the sign of a coach who is tuned in to their athletes. Load management is how we describe the balance between training enough to be fast/strong/technically competent, vs overtraining and injury. This line can be a thin one that requires a coach to be finely tuned to their athletes.

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The Teenage Rower – Injury Prevention Tips for Coaches

There are many different formulas that we can use when it comes to training load and injury prevention. Commonly it has been advised to never increase your training load by more than 10% each week, and for any decrease in load to be followed be a gradual period of rebuilding. Monitoring training load and improving technique are the two single things that will help reduce injuries.

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