For those of you who don’t know, Chris Hiscock is a Remedial Massage Therapist at Eureka Osteo who has completed a number of marathons and is a regular morning runner with the Tann Clan. It’s always running season but with many Ballarat runners in training for the Melbourne marathon and for Run for a Cause, he thought he would share some of his approach to training for these events.

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280 Australians develop diabetes each day.
That’s one person every five minutes!
Don’t let this be you. Set a goal. Commit to a healthy lifestyle. Make yourself a priority.
You’ll thank yourself later.

Erin Glass, accredited Exercise Physiologist writes about how to BEAT DIABETES

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Know your bones - Exercise for Osteoporosis!

Some may think that as you age and your bones become weaker, you should do nothing to ensure they don’t get any worse, well in fact, it’s the opposite! Exercise is recognised as one of the most effective strategies to help prevent, manage and improve bone density. Read more from our Exercise Physiologist - Erin Glass.

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Katie Crawley
You’ve heard it before: Is sitting the new smoking?

We asked our osteo Ginger Wollermann all about this and here are her thoughts…

“There are so many people these days who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk for work, study and binge-watching series on their favourite streaming service! I’m pretty sure the jury is still out as to whether too much sitting is going to be the new smoking, but in the clinic, we certainly see a lot of people who have aches and pains that are related to them sitting too much.”

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Anthony Rogan
Clinical Exercise: a new name for Clinical Pilates and the Private Health Insurance Changes commencing April 1st

Have you received communication from your private health insurer about the changes that commence April 1st 2019? We thought we should let you know how these changes will affect what happens here in the OASIS studio at Eureka Osteo.

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The Importance of Hydration

So the question everyone asks is ... how much water should I drink?

There are plenty of rule-of-thumb data tables around and the current research seems to hover around the figure of a minimum of 2 litres per day. However, your hydration needs vary from day to day, season to season, even year to year. There are many factors that can influence your hydration requirements including age, weather, artificial heating and cooling, activity levels, genetics, pregnancy … and plenty more.  

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Trail Running – take a run on the wild side!

The new kid on the block in the running scene is trail running. The Internet is full of images of people running along the tops of mountains with hiking poles and videos of runners throwing themselves down steep inclines seemingly out of control. But you don’t need to live in the Alps to take part in this liberating pastime. Right here in Ballarat you’ll find a thriving culture of trail running and some of the best locations in the country to sample this sport!

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Scoliosis in kids – what to look for

Scoliosis is defined as a sideways bending of the spine greater than 10 degrees, accompanied by vertebral rotation. This means that the spine has a “left/right” bend that may look like an “S” or “C” shaped curve. Once the angle of that bend (measured on X-ray) gets to 10 degrees we call it a scoliosis.

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Tongue Tie – What’s all the fuss?

Tongue-tie, also known as Neonatal Ankyloglossia, is a congenital anomaly characterised by the thin piece of skin under a baby’s tongue (lingual frenulum) affecting the appearance or function of the tongue. It may be short, less elastic or attach towards the front of the underside of the tongue. The degree of this restriction and its’ effects on function can vary greatly. Tongue tie is said to occur in somewhere between 3-4% of newborns.

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babiesEmily Osmond
Megan’s Guide to Training for Kokoda

For many, hiking the Kokoda Track is a bucket list item. It is unique in that due to the historic significance, many people who don’t necessarily call themselves “hikers”, will attempt Kokoda. This is different to many other hikes around the world, where generally only those crazy enough to call extreme exercise and carrying a pack a “holiday” are attracted to the destination.

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10 Tips for avoiding Pregnancy Related Back Pain

During pregnancy, your body undergoes huge changes. As well as the obvious expanding abdomen, changes in your hormones and circulatory system can contribute to softening of ligaments, and sometimes back and pelvic pain, leg pain (sciatica), swelling, high blood pressure and fatigue. It is important to consult your health professional to ensure that further investigation or referral is not required.

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Load Management in Adolescent Rowers

Coaches: Have you ever planned a great session, only to realise that your crew is having a flat day, and completely adapt what you had planned? This is the sign of a coach who is tuned in to their athletes. Load management is how we describe the balance between training enough to be fast/strong/technically competent, vs overtraining and injury. This line can be a thin one that requires a coach to be finely tuned to their athletes.

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