Have you noticed that we're passionate about the environment?


Here at EO we are very proud of our efforts to try and always be sustainable. We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of our environment, and we are always looking for ways to improve our contribution towards a healthy Ballarat. The holistic view of osteopathy is as equally applicable to the planet as it is to the health of an individual. Our business’ impact on the natural environment is relatively minimal due to the planning that went into our purpose built Howitt St premises. Here is a list of the things we have done for the building and site:

  • Energy efficient heat pump hot water service

  • Double glazing throughout

  • High levels of insulation in the walls and ceiling

  • Rainwater tank for use on garden

  • 100% recycled plastic wheelstops in the carpark

  • Low energy LED lighting

  • Energy efficient heating/cooling

  • Climate control installed in each of the clinic rooms

  • All building materials and supplies were considered for embodied energy, product lifespan, recyclability, used local suppliers and trades as much as possible and used some recycled materials in the building

  • Plumbed filtered tap water with glasses in the waiting room

  • Planting of a native drought tolerant garden (it’s growing and we are about to plant out some more now that we have seen what has settled in over the last 12 months and where the gaps are)

  • 10kW solar system on the roof (we have had some of our electricity bills in credit since we moved in)

Other things we have implemented in our clinic include:

  • Reusable face covers for treatment tables

  • Hand towels in bathrooms rather than hand dryer or paper towel

  • We buy 100% green power (if we are not in credit from our own solar power station)

  • Always use 100% recycled paper products

  • Consciously reduce waste and energy consumption

  • Reuse when possible and recycle when not.

  • Some of us even use our own leg power to get to work on a bike!

  • Our wheat bags are no longer wrapped in plastic and now feature a paper label

  • We source all products used and sold in the clinic from as close to home as possible

How can we improve even further?

Although we are easily accessible via public transport with a bus-stop opposite our premises and a 10-15 minute walk from Wendouree train station, and have space for bike parking at the rear of the building, most staff and our patients travel to the clinic by car. So encouraging or rewarding our staff and patients for travelling to and from the clinic via bike, public transport or by foot is something we could look in to; a major behaviour change for most if us! Other areas we have identified are: a further reduction in administrative consumables, in particular paper - the “great hope” of having a paperless office is still only an ideal for nearly every small business. We would like to have our new patient intake forms all move to an electronic version in the near future (watch this space); further education of staff with respect to recycling, and adding a soft plastics bin to the staff room. Your suggestions of further improvements are always welcome as well so please get in touch if you have any for us.

Anthony recently saw the movie 2040, the most recent documentary from Damon Gameau (That Sugar Film). If you get the opportunity to see it then please do. It is a very positive view of climate change and showcases current technology that if scaled now, will make a big difference to the worlds carbon emissions, and the health of us all.