MAT assessment tool

We just hosted MAT assessment tool Level 1 course here at EO and we are keen to start using it to help us achieve the best results for you. “The MAT is an easy and convenient way to quantify complex 3D movements to improve our patient outcomes. It is the world's No. 1 Movement Assessment Tool and trusted by thousands of professionals and over 40 elite sports teams. “ (source:

We have already started to implement the MAT into some of our appointments, particularly in the gym with Erin our Exercise Physiologist.

Using technology to help collect data

Using technology to help collect data

Erin (Exercise Physiologist), Jacqui (Physio), James, Megan and Anthony (Osteos) all completed the course and we were joined by other participants from Ararat, Bendigo, Melbourne, Warrnambool and the Sunshine Coast in QLD. We are the only practitioners in Ballarat who are trained in this objective assessment tool and we think you will love it, especially if you love the numbers!

Course participants and Steven King (kneeling) from MAT

Course participants and Steven King (kneeling) from MAT

“The MAT is a valid and evidence based tool that allows us to collect meaningful, reproducible, quantitative data. This data allows specific treatment, rehabilitation and exercise programs to be developed and tailored to each individual patient. This data provides us with accurate baseline measurements to evaluate the success of our intervention and monitor your progress over time.”

Jacqui going through the SEBT on the MAT

Jacqui going through the SEBT on the MAT

Reproducible and reliable data is necessary to help make unbiased decisions about your health status and to help with clinical decision making about whether you are safe to begin training, return to work, the sporting field or complete the basic activities in your daily lives.

Objective data that we gather with The MAT can also help communication with you, other health and fitness professionals and third-parties who might be involved in your journey to better health. This can help to clarify goals and give direction of exactly what to aim for.


The tests measured on the MAT are supported by the latest evidence-base. We still use our traditional orthopaedic, neurological and musculoskeletal testing but now, can also integrate a more functional assessment into your consult. This tests movement in all three-dimensions and we then incorporate this data with the latest research in pain and neuroscience to come up with a treatment or rehab plan to get you back to what you love doing.

Basically, some of the MAT tests might be used by your clinician to give objective data to aide in:

  • Assessing your current injury risk

  • Guiding when you are ready to safely return to sport

  • Delving deeper into the cause of a chronic or recurrent injury by measuring the other limb or comparing strength, mobility, power and endurance

  • Writing an individualised rehabilitation plan for you

  • Assessing which areas of the body may be a priority for treatment

  • Getting baseline data and then retesting during your recovery from injury to track progress

    If you would like to book a full assessment to get the whole battery of tests and a page of personalised data to take away, book an initial assessment with our Exercise Physiologist Erin here