Clinical Exercise: a new name for Clinical Pilates and the Private Health Insurance Changes commencing April 1st

March 18th 2019

Have you received communication from your private health insurer about the changes that commence April 1st 2019? We thought we should let you know how these changes will affect what happens here in the OASIS studio at Eureka Osteo.

What’s changing?

The changes that sweep in on April 1st relate to “Natural Therapies” which have been removed from the approved list of therapies claimable in your extras cover. The one we offer here which is being removed is Pilates.

Clinical Pilates was really just a name given to a specific clinical exercise program in disguise! You would already be aware that currently, Clinical Pilates classes conducted by our physiotherapist Jacqui are claimable (under the relevant Physio group code). They will continue to be claimable because:

  • Your physio exercises classes can include exercises drawn from Pilates but must not consist solely of Pilates.

  • All participants attending any group exercise class with a Physio must have an individual assessment before they commence the group class.

  • This assessment results in individual goals being set for you to work towards in your classes, and an individualised program with a combination of clinically relevant exercises.

  • You must be reassessed regularly to check your progress, assess outcomes and set new goals for you to continue to work towards.

What does this mean for you?

So importantly, for you to continue to claim for classes (formerly Clinical Pilates) with our physio Jacqui, we have changed the name to CLINICAL EXERCISE classes. They will still be held in the OASIS studio, and Pilates reformers as well as a variety other equipment will be used. Our Pre and Post Natal Classes are also claimable as these also satisfy the criteria above.

You will also be required to have regular re-assessments with Jacqui (every 3 months) so that we can update your program and ensure you are continuing to reach your health goals. We will keep track of when you require a re-assessment and notify you when this is due. Re-assessments are also claimable.

Our Exercise Physiologist (EP) Erin Glass will also be commencing some Clinical Exercise classes in the near future so keep an eye out for more time-slots opening up soon. Like physio, EP’s have a group code you will also be able to claim with (depending on your cover).

What about other classes?

All our other classes in OASIS studio will not be claimable on your private health insurance (even if they are run by a physio). All Reformer Classes, Over 55’s Reformer Class (formerly Golden Oldies), regardless of whether they are taken by a physio, exercise physiologist or instructor are not claimable. They are classes where participants are all doing the same set of exercises in a group class. It is not an individualised program for a specific injury or health issue, and you do not require an initial assessment to participate. These classes are classified as “fitness” classes and are priced accordingly. They also have a higher ratio of participants to instructor (by the way, we think our ratios are pretty great! - our reformer classes are 6:1, and our clinical exercise classes 4:1 so that you get plenty of supervision).

All of our Studio Classes, Mums and Bubs Pilates and Beginners Pilates are all run by Pilates Instructors, not a physio or exercise physiologist, and have therefore never been claimable and that will remain the case.

In summary

After careful reading of the change of rules and the abolishment of Pilates from your private health insurance, we believe we are interpreting these changes correctly. If you have been claiming Reformer Classes or Golden Oldies Classes taken by Jacqui, we can still provide you with receipts for all classes up until 31st March 2019.

You will also now read in our timetable Clinical Exercise where it once said Clinical Pilates. If you have any questions at all about this, please talk to us when you’re next in the studio and we will be happy to help. Most importantly, keep up your classes, as they are helping you to get stronger, more flexible, improve your balance, decrease your pain, and stay active and motivated to look after yourself.

Thank you from the team at OASIS@Eureka Osteo and see you next time you are in the studio!

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