Dr Andrea Furness

chinese medicine practitioner

Copy of Dr Andrea Furness

“Always in the back of my mind was a fascination with how Chinese medicine had so skilfully treated my injury and made a holistic picture of who I was. This was quite an amazing experience for a young person and the beginning of a natural journey into education about health and self.”

My life path from a Bachelor of Education lead me to a career in physical theatre and choreography until the birth of my first child. The life change of being a young mother and a busy free-lance performer lead me to a deep reassessment about what I wanted from life and for my family and so I returned to University to re-train. I completed my Bachelor of Health Science with Honours and was even able to spend time in clinical practice with the elder practitioner who had first treated me.

Having a continuity of allied health support throughout my life has influenced my clinical practice focus.  I am comfortable sharing patient focussed care with other practitioner modalities to support complex and chronic conditions. And I’m equally comfortable supporting my patients through life change and health challenges. I love the diversity of my days where I might be required to consider blood pathologies, deeply listen to a teenager’s message about their health, support an IVF transfer procedure and in the next treatment I may be customising a herbal formula that has a history of 600 years of clinical use.

Life is busy and my yoga and meditation hold me anchored for the challenges. I’ve had a clinic in Hepburn Springs for more than 20 years. I’m out in nature a lot planting a new garden to provide the plant materials for my traditional perfume distilling adventure. My mid-life crisis was learning to scuba dive with my kids, so hopefully you’ll find me making the time to explore and breathe in the ocean landscape at 20metres with my family.

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